Dorcel VR – 1 guy trying to satisfy 5 babes

One Marc Dorcel VR porn video to rule them all

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Marc Dorcel is a French film producer known for his hot models and the hot action.  I think we all secretly wish we could live his life, even if just for a day.  Well, with this incredible VR sex video he put together, we get that chance.

The only downfall to this experience is that we only get one.  Marc is a bit behind on the VR filming, but if enough of us buy his VR porn video, he might just be willing to give us a few more.

In perfect Dorcel style, we start with some extremely beautiful ladies, looking sex starved and ready to pounce.  Look down your body to see one of these nymphs crawl up your legs with her tongue licking her top lip.  Nothing would please her more than to have your cock replace her lips.

From our babe Shanny’s POV:

Dorcel Vision is the new definition in porn. Especially when it comes to high quality high definition virtual reality fantasy. Not knowing what to except with a full length feature from Dorcel Vision. I was more than pleasantly surprised! First of all being in the position of the star isn’t unattainable anymore. I loved being able to download my video to enjoy at any time.

The Video on Demand option is something you will not find on all VR sites. I also really liked being able to purchase credits for different videos for your different desires. I love putting credits on for my partner to use. Also with the Daily Refresh new content is always available. Tons of variety, not only can you enjoy, Virtual Reality Videos, there is also over 4,000 titles for you to have access too. Every genera you can imagine from foreign to hardcore.

I love the 360 degrees of complete immersion. The visual experience paired with the amazing audio that you will find is beyond satisfying. You really lose yourself. As a female I love being able to not only enjoy these upscale VR videos by myself but even better sharing them with my partner. Super addicting when having these award winning videos on demand right at your fingertips.

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Dorcel’s elegant, high class touch is evident on this film, and so is the hardcore action indicative of his porn.  This film delivers it all.

The downsides to this VR porn video is there is only one video, and it is only 7 minutes long.  It takes one click too many to get to the download and it’s a bit slow.  But don’t fret, his other porn is well worth the price of admission.

Oh and do yourself a favor, if you don’t know Marc Dorcel, check him out!

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Dorcel VR – 1 guy trying to satisfy 5 babes

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